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August 2018

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14 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Melbourne, FL


We are the Space Coast.

Melbourne is right in the heart of Florida’s Space Coast which is ground zero for America’s space programs. You’ll find the whole community gathering together along the coast to watch the beauty of our rocket launches right out of Cape Canaveral. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the shaking from the rocket breaking through the atmosphere and the rumble that people of the Space Coast long for.

Miles and Miles of Beaches.

Melbourne has some incredibly gorgeous beachfront properties right on the water with endless things to do. This beautiful slice of the sunshine state is very family friendly and boasts some incredible outdoor activities from

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It's no secret that Florida has some of the world's most beautiful beaches, best restaurants and incredible luxury lifestyle living!  But, have you heard of Brevard County?

brevard county beaches

You've probably heard us mentioned before as Florida's Space Coast, because Brevard County boasts the biggest space programs in the country, with companies such as Nasa and SpaceX that have their location in Brevard. As a proud resident of Brevard County, I've been watching rockets flying through the atmosphere since I was just a kid! There's a real sense of pride and community around our space programs and a never ceasing awe  every time we all get to see the spectacular launches.

Florida space coast

Beyond our Space Programs is the untouchable value Brevard County has to offer. Most

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August 8 - Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day

As bizarre as this may sound, if you plant a vegetable garden, around about this time your bounty starts to come in.  Experienced gardeners know that Zucchini is one of the most prolific plants in all of the gardening world. A single plant produces a seemingly endless supply of Zucchini.

By the time August arrives, gardeners are reaping far more zucchini than they can possibly use. If you are Italian, as I am, the zucchini is used daily in an untold number of recipes, from soups and stews, to breads and dips. Still, the fruit matures on the vine faster than anyone can even pick it. Zucchini growers become desperate, as they try to give zucchini away to family, friends and everyone

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